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What is this about?

Hey fellow organic farmers across Australia! We're reaching out to you with a friendly request to pitch in a $10 donation each time you advertise an event, to support our innovative online directory. Yoohooo is all about connecting and showcasing the incredible experiences offered on organic farms. Your contribution will help us keep the website running smoothly, ensuring that farmers like you can continue to advertise their fun and informative activities. Let's unite to promote sustainable farming practices and create a vibrant community where everyone can discover the unique charm of organic farming through Yoohooo!

With your generous support, we can enhance the visibility of organic farms nationwide, making it easier for people to explore and enjoy the wonderful experiences you offer. Your $10 donation goes a long way in sustaining the platform, allowing us to grow and spread the word about the fantastic organic farming community in Australia. Join us in making Yoohooo a thriving hub for organic farmers and enthusiasts alike!

Yoohooo is a free platform with no hidden fees.  It is run by a small group of people who are not for profit and are working to “give back” and spread the message that chemical and pesticide free is optimal for the health of all Aussies going forward.  All we ask from our registered farms is that you download this logo and add it to your website and social media to grow awareness.  Thanks a million!